DATE: 2/20/2018
SHOWTIME: 9:00PM - 11:00PM
TICKETS: $10 Online | $15 AT THE DOOR 

Scooby: ...Introducing FRANK SIRIUS (aka "Scooby")
Sure you are familiar with him – one of the lead singers for the famed trend-setting Go-Go band Lissen, penned the "godson of Go-Go", and the motivating factor of many of Lissen's sellout performances all over the east cost. His soulful, heart pounding melodies and his smooth vocal styles can not be denied. This amazing entertainer is soon to be re-discovered as he embarks on a break-out solo career. He has emerged from the lead of an award winning band to become the next hottest solo artist to mount out of the DC metropolitan area. With his new solo album coming soon, fans are anxious and curious to hear what masterpieces he will create on his own. A combination of sounds from musical geniuses such as Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and George Benson, he is undoubtedly the next musical superstar, crossing over R&B/Soul, Pop, and HipHop genres, and giving life to the forgotten acoustic sound. "The brightest star in the night sky overflowing with intrinsic luminosity" – we introduce, FRANK SIRIUS.

Ms. Kim: The First Lady of GoGo, Kimberly “Ms Kim” Graham is definitely a trend setter for female GoGo artists.
“Ms Kim” began gracing the world with her melodic voice since the tender age of 11. Born and raised in the DMV, she grew up with the influences of Gospel, R&B, and DC’s own genre GoGo. In 1995 she made her way onto the GoGo scene with the infamous Wickedest Band Alive, Rare Essence. “Ms Kim” performed with Rare Essence for years where she made her footprint in GoGo. During her run with RE she set the bar a new high for women in GoGo when she recorded Ashlee Simpson’s “Pieces of Me”. She later went on to perform with Backyard Band and ventured out to start her own band, The Kim Michelle Experience in which she gives you R&B, Neo-Soul then rounds it out with GoGo.